go.yak.onl shopping portal

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Moving all shopping-oriented websites on one distinct page here.. Help support go.yak.onl full privacy startpages, the oldest and longest trusted startpage, homepage portal on the internet by using and suggesting great vendors online. This portal will be a trusted resource with no ridiculous script overload, pop-ups, shady clickbait to bombard your browser or privacy! Just shopping links to follow... along with potential, valid coupons or codes where applicable. But this webpage's priority is simply to provide a decent portal and small directory and means of support for online shopping, including bringing back some kind of resource for independent vendors..

(*) You can also conveniently find a simple button link near the email/network drop-down menu on any go.yak.onl homepage - startpage.

We of course will have major vendors available, but are interested in compiling a more independent or smaller business vendor list for a variety of goods that ideally operate ethically, securely and with a decent standard of integrity. Please suggest any of your favorite shops: